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Welcome to Green Rush Indexed Data, a business started by a nerdy policy wonk and built for cannabis industry research, compliance advice and professional consulting, development of education and training tools, and home to The M.I.R.A. Project. In this post we will let you know what to expect from our Industry News page.

What is Green Rush Indexed Data?

Green Rush Indexed Data is a research focused company designed to achieve two major goals. The first goal is to assist cannabis business operators and ancillary firms find answers to tough questions. The perk is not having the expense of an in-house cannabis industry research team. We understand the need for reliable data on and for the cannabis industry without massive overhead. Our research backed services offer a consistent value add of our clients. The second goal is assist The M.I.R.A. Project to build an archive of data and a collection for a future museum. We provide research for The M.I.R.A. Project to identify and develop resources on the emergence and development of the Cannabis Industry during the quasi-legal period. Learn more about The M.I.R.A. Project in this post.

What you will find

Five categories of posts populate this section: Research, In the News, Compliance Tool Kit, Insights, and The M.I.R.A. Project. Research posts discuss the latest Green Rush topics we are currently exploring; In the News topics dive into current events shaping the industry including states changing their stance on legalization; Compliance Tool Kit posts cover evolving compliance requirements including changing regulations in multiple states. We will keep you updated on any product offerings we may have that make compliance as painless as possible; Insights posts cover cannabis educational materials and training that we are either developing, offering or lending a hand with. These first four categories cover what our client offerings, this last category covers what we are doing for the community.

We didn’t forget how to count or forget to discuss The M.I.R.A. Project we just want you to know its content is just different from the rest in an unmistakeable way. The M.I.R.A. project category posts will cover the origins of the project and its progress. This includes new acquisitions, and how to help out. History geeks and stakeholders alike will be kept in the loop how the collection is shaping up with these posts. Your support is appreciated, thank you.

Thanks and Welcome!

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of this welcome post about our passion project turned research based services firm. If you liked what you read then we encourage you to subscribe to future posts here. In future posts we will dive a little deeper into our products and services. For now thank you for visiting and welcome to Green Rush Indexed Data!

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