Building a Collection

The M.I.R.A. Project has been an effort to collect information, objects, and stories from advocates and Cannabis Industry professionals, building a collection for an archive of information to better understand the developments of the industry during the period between initial state legalization and full federal legalization, which we have coined the “Quasi-Legal Period”. The roots of this project are planted firmly in Nevada and a bulk of the collection is on the Nevada Cannabis Industry due entirely to location and limited funding. Our collection currently houses data on regulations from multiple states as well as documents from advocates who helped fight for state legalization, objects and ephemera from advocates and industry events, media including industry magazines, and examples of product packaging.

The first manuscript collection donated to The M.I.R.A. Project is the Deuvall Dorsey Collection. The first part of the collection was donated in late 2018 with the remainder of the collection donated in late 2019. This collection contains notes, promotional materials, business cards, and project ideas from his campaigns to normalize the conversation about cannabis in colleges. Deuvall Dorsey, also known as the 420 Runner, founded Scorpions CAN and Rebels CAN at Nevada State College and the University of Nevada Las Vegas respectively after establishing ReDefine Cannabis, a not-for-profit organization of athletes and college students determined to change the perception of the cannabis user. As regulations about marketing evolved in Nevada, it became difficult to find industry sponsors and ReDefine Cannabis disbanded. We are thankful to have this manuscript collection because it allows us to share the efforts of this grassroots organizer in the context of the cannabis legalization movement. Photos of the collection will be posted once the collection has been fully catalogued.

The second manuscript collection donated to The M.I.R.A. Project is the Vicki Higgins Collection. Through the amazing work of Jenn T. we were able to connect with Vicki Higgins to ensure that the records of her contributions to Cannabis Industry history are protected.This collection includes documents, notes on legislative sessions, objects, art, apparel, and a costume. Vicki Higgins has been an outspoken activist and advocate of medical cannabis patients rights. Her collection spans over a decade of persistence to the cause of legalization. The Vicki Higgins collection represents the largest donation to the archive so far.

If you have objects, documents, or would like to be interviewed on your contributions to Cannabis Industry History contact us.

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