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Welcome to the Green Rush Indexed Data About Us page where we are tremendously proud of the impact that we have made in helping our clients by providing quality research services, tailored compliance consulting, dynamic training materials and exceptional customer service.  


Our Vision is to facilitate better decisions and better business with better data. As the Green Rush progresses, access to information on developing and maturing markets is essential. Green Rush Indexed Data provides reports, informational materials, and services that will elevate brands affordably.


Our Mission is to ensure that our clients are able to get more out of the data that they are paying for. To achieve this we will continuously work with industry professionals to identify topics and resources needed for operational compliance, efficiency, and growth. As we grow we will partner with businesses and service providers who understand the needs of our clients and can exceed expectations.

Our Founder

Stephanie Till

Stephanie Till is a Green Rush Historian and Compliance Specialist experienced in working with vertically integrated multi-state operators (MSOs) as well as small businesses. As a consultant, she assists businesses with compliance services including building SOPs. As a Historian, she continues to build an archive and collection on the Green Rush called the M.I.R.A. Project.

Stephanie Till earned a Master of Arts in History from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Nevada State College.

About Us - Green Rush Indexed Data: Our Founder Stephanie Till

The M.I.R.A. Project

The M.I.R.A. Project is the collection effort to build M.I.R.A., the Marijuana Industry Research Archive. Established by our founder Stephanie Till in 2016, The M.I.R.A. Project has been collecting documentation of the evolution of legislation establishing and regulating state licensed cannabis markets, objects and ephemera that serve as examples of the products available, swag, and promotional materials which frequently change to keep pace with evolving compliance requirements. The M.I.R.A. Project will continue to collect documents, objects, ephemera, and oral histories on the industry during this quasi-legal period. To learn more about what is going on with The M.I.R.A. Project and how to help with our collecting mission learn more here.


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